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The Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines-DLSU is a group of  people who are committed to the advancement of mechatronics and robotics technology in the Philippines through research and development, innovations and sharing of expertise, information and experience. 

It serves as a catalyst for interventions that prepare the country’s manpower for the competencies required by industries today and in the near future.  It also serves as the nucleus for other groups with  similar goals and activities.  This Society has a multi-level membership to ensure the integration of mechanical, electrical, electronics and computing technology, skills and knowledge in the  production of  automated and intelligent machines and equipment.

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DLSU COE Robot Dancing Competition

The objective of Robot Dancing is to enhanced students creativity by making robots dance individually or in group. The two aspects required in this category are physical and emotional. Physically the robot should display its dance movements in smooth and stable motions as best as it can. Emotionally the robot should perform its dance motion with music artistically and creatively.

Training:  November 8-14, 2006
Competition: November 15, 2006


9th International Robot Olympiad 2007

The 9th International Robot Olympiad 2007 will be held in ITE College East, Singapore from 27th to 30th November 2007.

Robot Olympiad is a science, technology and educational event which is wide open for science prodigies from all grades of schools, elementary, middle, and high, and even for varsity students including graduate students.