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DLSU COE Robot Dancing Competition

Category Introduction
The objective of Robot Dancing is to enhanced students creativity by making robots dance individually or in group. The two aspects required in this category are physical and emotional. Physically the robot should display its dance movements in smooth and stable motions as best as it can. Emotionally the robot should perform its dance motion with music artistically and creatively.

Rule 1. Participating Robot and Students
This category has no restriction on the number and type of robots. These include:
- Number: Single or group – Maximum of three robots
- Type: Wheel, Biped or a combination of these two types.
*All these robots above are considered as one robot team.
**Each team consists of 3 students of either gender. Student ages are limited to 17 yrs and below. All participants should be a member of the Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines.

Rule 2. Music
A team is allowed to select a music piece. The length of the music should be between 2 to 5 minutes.

Rule 3. How to Play
The robot(s) perform a pre-arranged dance composition. The dance composition is 100% choice of the team members. There is no restriction or preset selection.
* Tool for dancing *
The use of an instrument is allowed. However, if using an instrument, participants must register by filling in a registry form.

Rule 4. Play Ground
The playground / dance-floor is a wooden rectangular playground 1.5m by 1.25m in size. Walls will be used and the playground should be flat.

Rule 5. Schedule
Training:  November 8-14, 2006
Competition: November 15, 2006

Rule 6. Evaluation

List of Participants


  1. Joshua Aragon
  2. Anton Valencia
  3. Samantha Ang
  4. Jonathan Diaz
  5. Jesse Cadacio
  6. Arvee Dagal


  1. Christian Valeen Chiu
  2. Irene Tan
  3. Peter John Lee

Holy Angel University, Angels City

  1. Alvin Calma
  2. Hernani Catacutan
  3. Jerrick Penano


9th International Robot Olympiad 2007

The 9th International Robot Olympiad 2007 will be held in ITE College East, Singapore from 27th to 30th November 2007.

Robot Olympiad is a science, technology and educational event which is wide open for science prodigies from all grades of schools, elementary, middle, and high, and even for varsity students including graduate students.

A competition will be held at International Robot Olympiad 2007 which will consists of teams from over 10 countries.

A team is being prepared to participate in this prestigious event. There will have series of competitions on November 2 and 9, 2007 at DLSU - Manila. If there are entries wanting to join in any category mentioned in
please contact us ASAP. 

*For more info, log on to or download the brochure here or at the downloads section.

Board of Trustees
Philip Marvin D. Joven, REE, MS
Celso B. Co, RECE, MSECE, Phd
Manolo Santos, BS, MS
Renato P. Nuguid, RME
Mel Vicencio, RME

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